Heroes or Monsters?

The Danes.  Did you notice how the Danes do exactly what Grendel and his mother do? Hall-wrecking and revenge! So are these monsters a mirror to the heroes?

The Geats. Beowulf is called Hygelac’s “good kinsman. Yet Hygelac is a notorious historical figure with an international reputation for murder and marauding. So does that perhaps mean that Beowulf is also “good” at murder and marauding?


Circular Curses: What goes around comes around.

Inherited Curses: The crimes of the past are visited on the present.
(inherited curses include objects like swords and treasure too)

Paradoxical Curses: Objects or gestures marked with godly attributes may repel characters motivated by demonic impulses. Objects or gestures marked by demonic attributes may repeal characters motivated by godly impulses.

cosmic warfare

There is a war on between God and the Devil.

The devil promotes acts of murder, plunder, and treachery.

God promotes acts of protection, gift-giving, and promise-keeping.


GAME ON! Can you tell the difference between the demonic and the godly? In this game, your own immortal soul is at stake.

Stay alert: what do you know that the characters don’t know?

Be on the lookout for anyone who claims to be loyal and beware false words.